intro to JT65-HF

In case you’ve never seen it before, let’s explore a seemingly-little-known digital mode called JT65-HF.  In some ways, it is very similar to other digital modes such as PSK31, but it some ways, it is very much different. First, the … Continue reading


Modes.  Last month, we took a look at the most popular new digital mode, PSK31.  So this month, I thought it worthwhile to look at the old digital mode, RTTY (pronounced “ritty”), which is short for “radio teletype”.  It does … Continue reading


Modes.  Hams traditionally used CW.  And then phone (AM, then SSB).  And RTTY as well.  But in recent years, new modes have been popping up like dandelions (or fire ant mounds).  The plethora of new digital modes is nearly mind-boggling.  … Continue reading