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N0RQ’s stuff for sale….

If interested, email me at mycallsign (at) (Location of items is central Collin County, Texas.)  Priced to sell!  (All items up-to-date as of April 24, 2014, all items just REDUCED $$$!) — make me a reasonable offer…

Trylon T-600 64’ - 64’ self-supporting tower (note the bottom line of the specs):

new price: $3585 + shipping $710 = $4295
Installation project pictures & description:
10 years old, in excellent condition!
includes rotor plate and thrust bearing
it’s on the ground, in very good condition in central Collin County, and ready to go
I can deliver anywhere in or near Collin County;  farther than that is negotiable
a great deal at $1700 $1600 – all you’ll need is to buy new “stubs” (section that goes in concrete) for about $180-$200 (contact Champion Radio)

here it is – click for full-sized version:Trylon

Force 12 XR-5 – 5-band HF beam (10/12/15/17/20 meters) – spec sheet here (.pdf) 
new price: $1700 + shipping $?
10 years old, works great, but needs 15m tuning tweaked before reinstallation
Asking $750 $550

see the bottom of my Tower Project page to see what kind of results I got with this antenna at 60′

M2 2M9 SSB – 9-element 2 meter beam (horizontal), for low end of 2 meters, but will xmit up to about 146.500
current new price: $219
8 years old, works great
$110 $90

Comet GP-9 – dual-band vertical (more info here)

*** SORRY, this one is spoken for ***


I have a spool of Times Microwave LMR-600, new, never used, never off the spool, currently close to 700′ left.  It is 70 60¢/foot, in McKinney, TX).