N0RQ-15 APRS digipeater + N0RQ-14 I-gate

In September 2007, the N0RQ-15 digi went up in Huron SD (my hometown).  It ran into 2013, but due to family circumstances, I’m no longer able to keep it running.

It consists of:

  • Kantronics KPC-3+ v9.1 with “new paradigm” parameters, as recommended at aprs.org

  • old GE MVS commercial 2m radio with ~35 watts  (essentially the same as the picture below)

  • Diamond F22A vertical with the tip at 60′ (picture at right;  would love to find a higher site in/near Huron – but at least the area is very flat, and we seem to get quite good coverage from it.  🙂

See it at FINDU or the DB0ANF web site.

The APRS situation in east-central SD is now improved, but still in need of more digipeaters and I-gates!  Mitchell is a prime spot for a digi.  The DeSmet area would be a good spot for a digi.  Contact me if you could help work on any of those things.

In September 2010, the N0RQ-14 I-gate was installed in Huron SD.

It consists of:

  • Kantronics KPC-3 (old version) hooked to Dell GX620 WinXP desktop computer with UI-View, set up as I-gate

  • another old GE MVS commercial 2m radio (picture below)

  • simple little indoor homebrew 2m 1/4 wave sufficient to pick up the digi signals (it does not ever xmit)

The I-gate should make sure that everything digi’d by N0RQ-15 will get sent to the internet.  Before the I-gate was put in, the digi had only sporadic contact with other digis or I-gates, because they are all quite some distance away.

See it at FINDU or the DB0ANF web site.

For more pictures, or to see the rest of our remote station setup in Huron (HF + 6m), click here.

73, Dave, N0RQ