Links, links, and more links

ARRL power line noise – see the FAQ link – the most useful single resource on power line noise! – and they even link to this site! 🙂

ARRL “Information for Electric Utilities” notes for utilities – excellent multi-chapter article covering many subjects – another very good read for utility personnel
FCC Issues Two Citations in Longstanding Power Line Noise Case – it took way too long, but at least it finally happened!
AC Power Inferference Handbook by Marv Loftness, KB7KK – this book really is a great education, certainly worth your time to read… and if your utility will promise to read it, you might even buy it for them

In Canada, report an issue here.

FCC Enforcement info on ARRL web site
FCC Enforcement letters to various utilities (these are all PLN issues)
FCC letter #1 to my local utility, January 2006
FCC letter #2 to my local utility, April 2006
FCC letter #3 to my local utility, January 2007
FCC letter #4 to my local utility, March 2009 

Utility Industry information:
Transmission & Distribution World magazine article; intended audience is the utilities — now if only they would read it and follow up!

Other hams’ pages on power line noise:
What does PLN sound like?  Click here – RFI thread on PLN
My YouTube videos of PLN
K5GP – Central Texas & DX Contest club web site, helpful article, not too lengthy
K5GP – very good PowerPoint presentation on finding and solving PLN problems
N8DMT – helpful article, with a successful ending (though the pictures seem to be missing)
AF4O – his PLN story & hunting techniques
W4NEQ – adventures in solving power line noise
– Peter’s fascinating story about finding horrible line noise 17 MILES AWAY
W8JI – notes and pictures on power line noise
W8JI – good notes on “radiated and conducted noise”, including PLN issues
KA4UDX – his blog including PLN info & video

Mitigation of Radio Noise from External Sources – a Naval Postgraduate School study
Virtual Legacy Radio– free OK1FIG tool that you can use to automatically log/document power line noise, recommended by Bill N8XV

PLN-related Products & Services:
Arrow Antennas – handheld beams for 2m & 70cm – I have been very pleased with mine
Radar Engineers – maker of PLN-locating devices, see this short video of one of their ultrasonic detectors in use – superb!
RFI Services – Electrical Interference Source Locating, Training and Consulting, with very helpful info

Here are a couple of very short power line videos — arcing to the max: