I’m a supporter of using standard phonetics.  Well, mostly.  OK, I’ll admit, I’m guilty, guilty!, of using “radio” instead of “romeo” about half the time.  Shame on me.

Really, standard phonetics are generally wise.  BUT, if you REALLY want to use non-standard phonetics, listed below are some options for you.  I didn’t invent most of them — maybe you’ve seen FUNETICS before — though I will claim some of them.

Here is my updated version of FUNETICS for ham radio (but not during an ARES net 😉 ):

A as in aisle, or (especially if you’re Scottish) aye
B as in bdellium, or (!) bee
C as in czar, or (!!) cue
D as in djin (pronounced “gin”), or (!!) double-U
E as in eight (that’ll get ’em), euphonium, ewe, or (!!!) eye
F as in five
G as in gnome, gnat, gnaw, or (of course) gee
H as in honor, heir, herb (unless your name is Herb or Herbert)
I as in ignimbrite, or I (a bit self-centered, but hey)
J as in junta (pronounced “hunta”),  jalapeno, or jay (guys named Jay excluded)
K as in knobkerrie, knight (my favorite), knock, or knee
L as in lederhosen, lanuginous, or labyrinthodont (huh?)
M as in mnemonic (particularly good for computer geeks)
N as in nematode
O as in oedipal, ouija, or just (you guessed it) oh
P as in phlox, pneumatic, psychology, or (drum roll…) pea
Q as in quiche (just don’t eat it), or especially… (you’re getting the hang of it…) queue
R as in rest(see wrest), or right (see write)
S as in see (try it, you’ll like it)
T as in tsar, tsunami, or (obviously) tea
U as in umiak (oomiak), urn, or (to describe yourself using these) uncommunicative
V as in valetudinarianism
W as in wrest (see rest), write (see right), wrath, or (the best one) why
X as in xylophone, xerxes
Y as in you, or yew (why not?)
Z as in zwieback(swyback), or zhivago